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Audio Visual Engineering Pty Ltd (AVE)

Leading Professional Sound and Lighting Import and Distribution Company

Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

How We Began

It all started with our CEO, being a certified electronics engineer, building his own DJ mixers in his garage. He started supplying local DJ stores with consignment stock of these home built mixers. After some success selling his products through local suppliers, AVE began importing different components in bulk. AVE then turned into a family business which began to manufacture speakers, amplifiers, smoke fluid, road cases, cables, and accessories. As demand grew, AVE started partnering with overseas manufacturers to mass produce our own product designs. AVE began to establish a large network of local dealers, which continued to grow exponentially. AVE soon became the Australian distributor for big overseas brands such as Skytec and became an Australian Distributor for all things DJ, Sound and Lighting related. As the demand increased, AVE began working with more incredible brands to distribute products throughout Australia.

Our Success

We have successfully maintained a healthy relationship with our clients since 2002.  AVE have a distribution network Australia wide and offer a wealth of over 25 years experience in the industry.  This experience extends to a great understanding of consumer trends and markets in Australia. The growth of our company is largely due to our ability to introduce a product, market it correctly and promote that product in order to achieve optimum sales and growth.

To maximise the ongoing success of our company, we also ensure that our sound and lighting solutions are aligned to that of our customers needs and understand that our business objectives impact not only our bottom line, but their’s as well.  It is with this in mind that we offer a wide range of services as well as innovative and state of the art products to suit all budgets from entry level to corporate consumers.

We reinforce our sales with technical support via full time electronics technicians and electronics engineers. Our extensive range of products and services can be explored on our website, but through our comprehensive network of over 130 valued dealers Australia-wide and fully operational showrooms, our products can be tried and tested with the assistance of fully qualified staff.

Some of our exclusive partners include: Chauvet DJ, LD Systems, Skytec, Reloop, Gravity Stands and Magma.

Our Future

AVE has grown into one of Australia’s biggest distributors of Pro Audio and DJ Equipment. We are excited to continue providing our clients with the best advice and deals in the industry. The AVE team will endeavour to develop our business to provide those in the industry with best service and audio and visual equipment on the market.

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Audio Visual Engineering

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