Trusst 3m Trussing Light Bridge System

The Trussing Light Bridge System is the perfect ‘winch up’ trussing system for your lighting rig. Perfect for professional lighting systems. This pack allows you to safely and securely mount your lights above your DJ, band, or stage set-up. Supplied with everything you need including; 2x Trusst CTCS30 winch up lighting stands with adjustable trussing clamps, and 1x AVE 3m Tri-Trussing piece.

The Truss Pack versatile lighting system suit a huge range of applications, from on stage to large DJ set-ups. Each Crank Stand features an easy height adjustment from 1.72m to 3m, even when full loaded, and can support up to 60kg. While the lightweight 3m tri-trussing section creates a strong and sturdy support bridge between the 2 stands. And allows the system to comfortably support 100kg evenly distributed. Perfect for production companies and larger DJ lighting systems.


  • Capable of supporting 100kg
  • 3m Max height
  • Strong professional design
  • Expandable with additional Tri-Trussing lengths
  • Winch-up stands for easy height adjustment
  • Perfect for larger lighting and stage systems

Technical Information

Trussing Type: 290mm Tri-Truss (un-rated)
Trussing Length: 3m (1 piece)
Stand Height: 1.72 to 3.0 m
Tube Diameter: Trussing: 50mm
Stand (smallest point) 35 mm
Load Capacity (evenly distributed): 100 kg
Weight: Trussing: 12 kg
Stands: 15 kg (each)