Gravity Stands GMSCABCL01S Cab Clamp Mic Holder for Guitar Cabs

This universal clamping system allows you to mic up a guitar cabinet in an easy and revolutionary way. The spring-loaded clamping arm makes the clamp suitable for almost any type of cabinet and securely fastens to the side or top of a cabinet or combo amplifier. Thanks to its adjustable edge grip, the clamp can be adjusted to fit snugly onto recessed edges. The rigid boom is finely adjustable in both boom angle and microphone depth – this ensures a far more precise and secure mic placement as opposed to using a gooseneck-based clamping system or conventional mic stand.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Precise and secure mic placement
  • Variable depth
  • Adjustable clamp for mounting on many common housings

Technical Information

Product type Microphone Accessories
Type Microphone Holder
Material Aluminum
Surface Powder coated
Colour Black
Clamping width 200 – 300 mm
Extension length 250 mm
Threaded connector 3/8”
Weight 0.514 kg