MAX MagicJelly-MP3 LED Jelly Ball Disco Light with MP3 Player

This music-controlled multicoloured LED Magic Jelly DJ Ball creates an amazing double light effect. Due to the LED technology, 6x 1W LEDs, 82 strong beams and a glowing transparent crystal globe, a colour changing ball is produced while the globe turns along with the rest of the effect. Sound or auto controllable. Features an MP3 player with USB port and SD slot and speaker and comes with a strong plastic housing. This effect is a great value for the money. Suitable for discos, bars, clubs etc.


  • Built-in MP3 player and speaker
  • USB port and SD slot
  • Strong rotating colorful beams
  • Auto and Sound active mode
  • Long life LEDs and energy saving
  • Stepper motor

Technical Information

Operating System Auto, Sound Active
Power supply 230Vac – 50Hz
Dimensions Ø185 x 160mm
Weight 0.6kg


A brief look at the MAX Magic Jelly Ball. This music-controlled multicoloured LED Jelly DJ Ball creates an amazing double light effect.