Scrim King SS-PNL22W White Wall Panel Backdrop 4 Pack

The Scrim King SS-PNL22W is Great for creating separations in a room, back drops, or feature walls. This White scrim panel pack can also be used as a projection surface or with projection mapping software for modern art displays.

For Mobile DJ’s, bands, performers or entertainers that frequently perform in the corporate and wedding sectors, Scrims should be on the top of your list of accessories. Whether its your trestle table, keyboard, speaker or lighting stand or even just a neat backdrop. Scrims give you the ability to cover your stands, cables and hide your equipment in plain sight. While providing a perfect facade that not only looks neater and cleaner  but with the use wash lighting, your set-up can stand out and even glow.


  • 4x 22″ panels per pack
  • Mounting ring split for adding additional panels
  • Made from high grade stretch Lycra
  • Includes 16 rings and 16 stretch ties

Technical Information

Panel Size: 22″ x 22″ (0.55 x 0.55m)