Scrim King SS-SPK03-W Triple Sided Speaker Scrim – White

Scrim King SS-SPK03-W is a 3 sided White Triangle scrim to cover your speaker and small lighting stands. Triple sided coverage for complete enclosure of the stand.

For Mobile DJ’s, bands, performers or entertainers that frequently perform in the corporate and wedding sectors, Scrims should be on the top of your list of accessories. Whether its your trestle table, keyboard, speaker or lighting stand or even just a neat backdrop. Scrims give you the ability to cover your stands, cables and hide your equipment in plain sight. While providing a perfect facade that not only looks neater and cleaner  but with the use wash lighting, your set-up can stand out and even glow.


  • Stretches from approximately 4-6 feet high
  • Base width is adjustable to fit all speaker stand models
  • Machine washable
  • White models are perfect for backlighting with LED or other lighting fixtures!
  • Stretches to fit over all three legs not just two!
  • Three pockets for each tripod stand leg (Triple stitched for durability)
  • Flame retardant (lasts up to 30 washes)

Technical Information

Stretch Factor:
Height: 1.22m – 2.13m
Width: 1.07m – 1.37m